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Who We Are

Along with Warte Mal of Germany, and Não Fico Na Fila of Brazil, Wait a Moment launched in 2013. Our parent company, J’aime Attendre, is already big in France. Emmanuel Alquier, our CEO, founded the company in 2009 alongside Jocelyn Richard and Joffrey Jaffeux. What started out as a project to make the queues for tourist attractions more efficient, evolved into a veritable enterprise helping the consumer or tourist on a daily basis.

Wait a Moment aims to solve the problem of queues all together; both physical (in line for admin, tourist attractions or even in shops) and of course on the phone with customer services. We do this by giving you the whole picture- when call frequency is high, or when the museum is having a quiet moment. On top of our ‘home grown’ data, we allow you to update the site with your up-to-the-minute experiences of waiting. The live feed of data is the most precise way of allowing you to save time daily and avoid the misery of the queue.

We can now offer our time-saving expertise for the British market!