Mont Saint-Michel

Off to Mont Saint-Michel? See our insider advice for a queue-free visit as well as opening times and phone numbers!

Make sure to buy your ticket before your visit!

Some recent contributions of the community

  • Patricehajjar@gmail
    PatricePas vraiment de file. Idéal après 16h -- about 1 month
  • Contact@jaimeattendre
    Val75une vingtaine de minutes pour l'abbaye-- 8 months
  • Pat prof lou denis@hurikat
    Prof – No wait-- over 1 year
  • Pat meyer louna@hurikat
    Meyer L. waited 54 min-- almost 2 years
  • Picture?type=small
    Nancy F. waited 45 min-- about 2 years
  • Pat rodriguez noemie@hurikat
    Rodriguez N. – No wait-- over 2 years
  • Pat da silva arthur@hurikat
    Da – No wait-- over 2 years
  • Pat mlle carla nguyen@hurikat
    Mlle waited 3h30-- almost 3 years
  • Pat juliette philippe@hurikat
    Juliette P. waited 2h45-- almost 3 years
  • Pat prof valentin perrot@hurikat
    Prof waited 4hrs-- about 3 years
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  • Barbara Embleton

    Where can we stay overnight?

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