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Contact number of HMRC Customer Service with opening times and when to call the helpline to avoid peak times.

Opening Hours and Estimated Waiting Time of HMRC

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HMRC Income Tax for Self Assessment 0300 200 3300 Helpline for newly self-employed 0300 200 3504


Top Tips

HM Revenue and Customs are about as fun to call as a funeral home. However, we can help you without taxing (hur hur) your patience.

  • Contrary to popular belief, HMRC remains OPEN on bank holidays and the call wait time is minimal!
  • On major tax ‘events’ such as the Self Assessment deadline- HMRC stays open for limited hours on Sundays.
  • Evenings are always worse than mornings, don’t be tempted to put off your call.
  • The days preceding and following a bank holiday weekend experience double the amount of call traffic than normal, try to avoid them.

Useful info

  • HMRC receives approximately 70 million calls a year

  • HMRC’s latest official figures showed that more than a third of calls were cut off in 2014 due to a busy system.

  • For those who managed to get through, the average waiting time reached 10 minutes and 53 seconds in September 2014.

  • The average waiting time went up by 5 minutes compared to September 2013.

  • Early morning calls have less chance to be cut off than afternoon and evening calls.

  • Detailed reports of HMRC’s business plan indicators can be found on the UK government website.

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  • Siobhan Connell

    Called up about a mistake in my personal allowance tax code as my old employer was extremely slow to issue my P45 and I have a second job at the BR tax code so to HMRC it looked like I had 3 jobs so they were changing my code to 850L which is wrong. I called up and after the automated menu I was put through straight away to a very helpful lady who explained the system thought I had three jobs due to my previous employer. She then changed my details and put me back on the right code. I found it very straight forward and helpful and it put my mind at rest because I find tax stressful as a 25 year old with little real experience of the system. I called on Saturday morning at half ten. I think calling in the morning helped!

  • Grrrr

    Requested a code that has to come via the post. Have entered the code on my HMRC account and now I have to wait up to 4-5 days to access the service! Why?!

  • E Smith

    Waited 16 minutes to get through then the advisor was quite curt with me and made feel quite uncomfortable.

  • Paulus

    Through after 2 minute wait to wrong number (NI), transferred to Tax number immediately and very helpful and informative operative answer all queries. Tax refund from years 2013/14 and 2014/15 will be with me in about 3 weeks.

  • Carla

    1st attempt 25 minutes, 2nd attempt 18 minutes, 3rd attempt 20 :1 hour of my time + 30 pounds phone bills....not impressed :(.

  • Ann Herring

    I gave up waiting. I only want to know how long the waiting time is for vat registrations to be processed currently. I have been waiting for a vat number for a client for over 3 weeks now.

  • Liam

    Still cant get a single number to ring. Now I am getting annoyed.

  • Liam

    All the numbers are just dead? Your not getting paid till you speak to me!!

  • Joe Bennett, Liverpool

    BTW. I am trying to pay them 14,000 in Corporation Tax and yet their online service won't let me due to a difference in a number of digits. No explanation nothing corresponds wight he Banking online details to those given on the LETTER received from HMRC....... The money will sit in my account until you sort yourselves out and I will use this medium as proof of my attempt to pay, call and resolve the issue. To no avail due to a poorly managed service that we cannot get through to.

  • Joe Bennett, Liverpool

    So I am about to hang up after 28 minutes. Complete Joke and yet it has cost me money. We should not pay anything and let them take us to court and then present to the Judge the details of all the times we have endeavoured to make payment. Get a ruling against the HMRC and then reclaim all of our time and costs. The phone line talks about QUICKLY & EFFICIENTLY.......? What planet are the people living on who are supposed to be driving this machine......????? You people need to wake up and get real. One day someone will surprise you and give you a wakening up call you will never forget, we people are so tired of being walked all over........

  • Joe Bennett, Liverpool

    Sadly, this is another service that we "The Tax Payer" sit about wasting our life trying to do the right thing and the Government and its departments sit back and laugh in our face. It is no wonder we get so frustrated. I am not surprised so many of us talk about revolution these days because frankly we are being pissed all over and are expected to just sit back and take it. I have been waiting for 22 minutes now, whilst I type this and on previous occasions I have waited over 45 minutes both times. THERE IS A COST TO THIS TOO! More of our hard earned money taken from us due to a lack of adequate resources by the REVENUE DEPARTMENT. How anyone has the audacity to try to defend the service is not worth the fabric of a human being. An apology first should come followed by action to sort it out. These are the top of society, we are told. The people we pay huge amounts of money who are so much better educated than us.....? And yet fail miserably day after day and for the privilege we keep them in office and pay them massive amounts of money for being POOR. In a commerical environment you would be out of the door quick sharp. POOR SHOW INDEED AND SADLY A COMPLETE JOKE.. AS IS THE GOVERNMENT AND ITS OTHER DEPARTMENTS!!!

  • Miriam

    On hold for 13 minutes only to be told by an automated voice; "We can not deal with your call at the moment" followed by "goodbye!!!"

  • Helen horne

    Ridiculous 35 to 40 mins every time just because they lost my letter that I had delivered a shocking service

  • Paul

    At the start of the call I was told there would be a wait of 35 mins. I waited 1 hr 14 mins for the call to be answered. Terrible service.

  • Guest

    Been hanging now for 43minutes total joke

  • Kirsty nolan

    Thanks for waiting one of our advisors will be with you as soon as possible this is what I'll be getting since 1246 this afternoon

  • Kirsty nolan

    I think I feel a government should be aware of this is why people like to me and restaurants in the country should take stands

  • Kirsty nolan

    I have Ringing since 12 46 P.m. today and I am still trying to get in touch with someone now

  • Hugh Radford

    Awful service this time, waited an hour last night gave up and 30 mins this morning gave up as I have work to do, an indication of where you are in the queue would be very helpful and this could be done very cost effectively

  • Nuri

    Yesterday I stayed on the phone for so long It was only meant to be wait for 30 mins but I had to sort the matter so I held on

  • Mark

    40 minutes and waiting. Absolute joke. They have also charged me £500 for not filling in my self assessment when they were sending it to the wrong address. All the money we are giving them and they can't even afford the staff. If I ran a business nobody would put up with this wait....

  • Guest

    Absolutely ridiculous this is the 5th time of me calling after 45mins- 1 hr wait and the call being disconnected. They need to take on more staff to deal with the work load! 1 simple query and its taking far too long. However if you tweet them they tweet you back within minutes but refer you to the website. If I wanted to do my query online I would of

  • anonymouse

    so i shall spare your children for now....kns

  • anonymouse

    id like to say after the call was answered i was dealt with very well.

  • anonymouse

    shocking.shocking.shocking.abysmal.shocking.shocking.appalling.shocking.disgusting. you fat bastards i will eat your children!!!

  • Jigpig

    The HMRC really get my back up as they do with most people. As has been said before they are quick to dish out the letters asking for money back when errors leading to over-payments have been made on their part but can you get through to discuss it with them? not a chance, currently held in a queue for 43 minutes and counting....this department wants seriously looking at and must be one of the most hated on the planet....grrrr This is now beginning to really get my back up, I'm supposed to be going out tonight..!!!! "Thanks for waiting ..One of our advisors will be with you as soon as possible" really....really?

  • Claire Valente-Mitchell

    So far I have been waiting an hour and I am still on hold. This is an absolute joke!! Getting seriously annoyed now...

  • Anthony

    Finally answered at 1 hour 15 mins. Really love to find out where the 5-8 minute wait estimate comes from.

  • Anthony

    1 hour 12 mins and counting.

  • Anthony

    40 minutes and counting

  • Amanda Conway

    I have now tried 3 times to contact hmrc to arrange a direct debit repayment. Following the last call which was a frustrating 27 minute wait as it got to 8pm the service announced it was cutting me off. I was calling from my mobile as i dont have a landline and so far have spent more than 1 hour waiting and still havnt got through. Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever encountered. The hmrc website is also useless as it doesnt allow the feature to set up a dd repayment. Someone in the government needs to be accountable as the system is upsetting for customers, frustrating and stressful.

  • graham brocklesby

    absolute disgrace and JOKE! I have been trying to NOVA my car and have not been able to get through for over a week. Come on Cameron, sort this joke of a service out.

  • Ferdie

    Bad service. Looks like they have lost my letters. Great!

  • Guest

    Waited for 45 minutes, was answered, explained why I was ringing, gave my NI details and got cut off!!!!!! To say p....d off an understatement. And how do HMRC suggest you complain? by ringing the same number you've just been cut off from. What a joke

  • Robbie wilson

    hahahahaha under 3 minutes why is that even an option ?

  • Kat

    Had to wait an hour on the phone and even though the person on the other line was very helpful, I received no apology for the wait. I can only guess that they are short staffed due to government cuts!?

  • Graham

    You declare waiting times of 5 minutes....WRONG!! I have called since Monday trying to get through. several times waiting for up to 1 hour only to be cut off.. Now my mobile is showing a wait of 50 mins!! I called last night at 7pm but got cut off at 8pm because you were closing... This is a joke all I want is something that you should have already send me... How do I firstly get through to you and secondly where do I send my bill for phone calls made, it must be £30 by now..

  • Julia More like a lifetime!!!... AHHHhh MAHHhhh GAWwwd!... It's driving me nuts, I could of got a mortgage n a couple of kids by now?...

  • Julia

    i only need a statement and I'm done I wouldn't mind but it's the third time I've rung so three hours over in total, should of walked to HMRC, probably would be quicker. And no mind bending music.

  • Julia

    Still waiting....

  • Iain Mckay

    For a Government office its a disgraceful service. Second time calling and still not been put through to an advisor. Now waiting 30 minutes. No indication as to place in queue or how long I am expected to wait. Their automated service is also very poor failing to properly pick up on verbal communication. Like any organisation someone should be accountable for what is qute frankly the worst customer service I have ever come across. Get your act together HMRC!!

  • Louise

    Absolutly fuming I have just been sat on the phone or over an hour on my mobile so its going to cost me a bomb for them to then say our offices are shut!!!! Over charging for tax and you cant get hold of them!!!!

  • Another Guest

    One hour and counting....and my cordless phone battery is about to die. I've been self employed for 10 years now and their phone service is getting worse. I understand they want you to use their website but it cant answer every question and a call to a person is needed at times. I've tried all times of the day and there doesn't seem to be a good time. 1 hour 5 mins - Im in!!!!!! - On the plus side the lady I finally got to speak to was very helpful, helped me with all of my questions and sorted out a few problems. She was excellent, however the wait was terrible. Come on HMRC! "Tax doesn't have to be taxing" - Ha!

  • Robert Carter

    Why do I have a fine for a self assessment? I have never been self employed? Hit with £100 fine and £900 fine. Yeah sure I'll just pull that out my arse shall I? Absolute joke.



  • Steven

    Absolute fucking joke shower of useless tossers you can suck my fucking cock when you come looking for money you cunts owe me thousands but want to make it as difficult as possible for me

  • U.A

    Absolutely disgusted im calling of a mobile and waiting for 40 mins and still waiting. If hmrc want to play people around like this they should respect and atleast provide a landline number.

  • Rohit

    A total waste of time waiting on the line for so long. The person on the other end was however very polite and professional. I heard a lot of background noise on people laughing and talking to each other - do they really have staff logged on ready to pick up calls or just spending time there?

  • Guest

    I waited an hour and two minutes just to be told I couldn't be provided any information and that a letter would be sent out which could take up to 2 weeks. Less than a minute speaking to the advisor who was rude, very blunt, no manners, her name was Claire Mcnee

  • Daniel

    Third world Country Service, Management Put on the staff required, Stop wasting the time of the taxpayer who fund you, all so you can meet government targets. the staff don't even apologise for the fact i nearly waited and hour. Pathetic do you even read these comments or have you not funded the staff to do so.

  • rachel

    horrible service, 3 phone calls £15 call charges!! finally get through to the most unhelpful person who basically told me a pack of lies about why I have underpaid tax and failed to listen when I explained what I thought the problem was. I asked how to complain they told me to write in and that their time scales for responding to complaints was 4 months! when asked how to resolve my issue they told me to write in a letter what i have spent 3 days trying to say on the phone they will then respond in 3 months! Asked to speak to a manager they said hold the line then cut me off. This is supposed to be a public service!!

  • Disgruntled pensioner

    55 minutes and still didn't get through to anyone, Called again the next day and got through after another 55 minutes. This is a joke tell Cameron to stop cutting staff I'd like to see him trying to contact you!

  • Emz

    For over 3 hrs 3 times today I've tried to call to speak to someone it's an absolute joke it really is

  • whyme

    Just waited 35 mins to get through on the self-employed helpline 0300 200 3504 and when she finally picked up I'd nearly forgotten what I was even calling for!. HMRC are threatening debt collection agencies on NIC bills for self employed but failing to mention that these NICs are actually voluntary if you earnt below the threshold. (as I did - first yr self employed, tax return not done yet) So, I had to wait 35 mins just to get this information, which should have been on the f'ing letter. Then she said "Just write in with your 3 line income statement and ask for the bill to be waivered" but didn't even give me the goddamn f'ing address to write to. She couldn't wait to get off the phone, basically and the fact that you've waited so long to get through is just lost on them. You can tweet them @HMRCcustomers but they're about as much use a chocolate fryin pan. They told me "You need to call the helpline for this to be waivered" when that isn't even correct; it was never given as an option. I ABSOLUTELY F'ING HATE THEM.

  • Ryzuya-sama

    40 minutes and counting.....PLEASE ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE



  • Guest

    Terrible service. They're quick to take tax but slow as hell to answer the phone !

  • Guest

    Waited 45 Minutes and then they cut me off!

  • Kimberley Jade Paulet

    50 minutes and counting... sick of waiting but frustrated to hang up now after wasting 50 minutes of my life I will never get back 😠

  • Meer Pat

    I was about to give up having waited 50 mins but then it was picked up and my call to the HMRC employee lasted 90 seconds. He asked me for my full name and said fine, the paperwork will be in the post tonight or tomorrow. The automated enquiry had asked me for my NI initially and my date of birth, he seemed to know what the enquiry was about. Lets hope that the paperwork now turns up in the next two weeks!

  • Beth

    Someone picked up at 52 minutes, phone call lasted for 7 mins after that...Note of warning: if you have lost both your user ID and your password for your online account with HMRC - you need to call 0300 200 3600, NOT 0300 200 3300. To get your UTR - call the latter number. They will post it to you.

  • Beth Keay

    Was told the wait would be 20 mins on average - been waiting for 43 mins so far...

  • Catherine Smith

    Very poor service...I waited 48mins and gaved up. Why do they let people wait so long when it's not even a free call. I'm not happy I had to wait so for so long without being acknowledged. I felt I had to hang up because I didn't know how much Longer I would be in that waiting queue without any thoughtful customer update and also, I can not afford that cost. Dissapointed by the poor public service yet paying tax for this, I wonder where the money is going because it's obviously not into improving customer service.

  • Joe

    I waited for 54 min however, to her credit - the call centre advisor was very helpful, also very patient and due to the number of forms she needed to deal with - the call took 30 minutes to handle however she did sort things out and for the record - HMRC were the conduit for mistaken information- not the cause. That was my previous employer.

  • Stuart

    52 minutes and still waiting!! How is the queue time 20minutes???!!!! Joke!!

  • Nik Jones

    Called at 18.15 tonight got cut off at 19.00 Rang again at 19.01 and got cut off at 19.36 And they state fact they answer their calls in record time less than 3 minutes on some occasions

  • Anissa

    The service is absolutely disgusting!!!!!!

  • Ricky Hall

    They gave me a number to call to sort out national insurance and me thinking (stupidly) it must be a different government department to hmrc. Class 2 national insurance is handled by the same people and back to that annoying jazzy sounding merry go round we all love for another ?? minutes why they couldn't just transfer the call is beyond me.

  • Ricky Hall

    40 minute wait for a five minute conversation (not impressed) the timetable is clearly not accurate I suggest using community feedback to make a realistic timetable.

  • doc

    Absolute joke, phone call 3 weeks ago waiting 53 minutes to get through for a 5 minute conversation, rang again today and waited 46 minutes to be informed it'll be another 2 weeks before my claim is processed, all in all that will be a few days shy of 4 months to get a rebate.

  • kofi

    Been waiting for 50 mins

  • Row

    Been waiting for 45 minutes and still no answer

  • Tom Law

    32 minutes listening to music, then they hung up on me.

  • Steffanie

    Are they open on a saturday?

  • Claire

    When am I going to hear a human voice

  • Debbie Webster

    Waited 46 mins to get through to someone and they said they would put me through to a self assessment "technician" and cut me off !! !

  • Claire

    Pissed off to say the least. Spent more than likely all of my tax rebate on trying to get through to them. They need more people to answer the phones as my phone bill is now an extra 30 pounds and counting still as I'm still on the phone!

  • tom hammill

    This is disgusting I work in customer service and if my company had calls queuing for this long they wouldn't of survived as long as they have. 50 mins and counting.

  • John Parker

    Those jazzy noodlings are really starting to grate now!!!

  • John Parker

    This music is driving me insane!!!

  • Stan Ames

    I waited 45 minutes this morning then gave up. The waiting times shown in your table have no connection with reality. Stan Ames

  • Paul Anthony

    Over an hour and still waiting

  • Paul Anthony

    Just waited 55 minutes and no answer. They tell me I owe money and when I am trying to find out why ? Guess they'll soon be in touch if I don't get through. Pathetic

  • CC

    Iv been on hold for 51 minutes to tell me that she cant help me and to call another number!!!

  • Amit Mishra

    Waiting for 45 min and no one picked call. Service is pathetic

  • Tim

    50 minutes wait time to get through for change in tax code called 11:30am Monday - not great but I gave up last thursday afternoon after waiting 55 minutes

  • stuart chipperfield

    on hold for 1h 5m to ask a simple question why why why are we treated this way

  • Kim Duggan

    Been on hold for 49 mins n still waiting this is ridiculous!!

  • CurleyCee

    It took 18 minutes to get through for around a minute's worth of conversation. I didn't have to wait as long as some people have and they were really helpful. I think when you call makes a big difference. I rang at 11:15 and got through at 11:33. Morning might be better than afternoon because I didn't get through yesterday afternoon and I was waiting for 45 mins+.

  • Stephen

    Same as most people, they want us to pay money NOW, when it suits them but never answer the phone. Very frustrating

  • Michelle Godridge Jennings

    Have tried for 2 days. All I keep getting, after about 5 mins in is "we can't take your call at the moment". They have given me a deadline for payment, which I dispute, what happens if I can't get through? They are not making it difficult to leave your bank details to repay them though! SO FRUSTRATED!

  • Steve

    37 minutes first time....then went through all the automated twaddle lasting 3/4 mins on three other attempts just to be told they couldnt take my call at the moment...goodbye...another great british fob off

  • Sue

    Shockingly bad customer service!. HMRC....have you noticed that absolutely no one is posting on here to sing your praises?!?! Currently making my third attempt to get through...enduring waits of 40mins + each time!!! Tax payers are paying your salaries...get a grip

  • Candice

    Would be helpful if when you call before they open - that the really annoying automated person tells you before going through everything, that they are not open till 9am!!! not impressed just spent 40mins waiting as i thought they opened at 8am!! MORONS

  • Richard Thompson

    Hung on for 40 minutes, but had to put the phone down as I still have a life to live

  • Oh come on . . . .

    47 minutes and counting so far at the moment. Over 4 hours 'waiting' since Wednesday this week . . . Disgusting service!

  • julianne

    So if you say to the automative voice you want help with something you get cut off.. when I try again saying they have paid me too much I get through right away! What a joke!

  • John Fallen

    I think the customer service is appalling. Saying we can't help goodbye is shocking. A public service, what a joke. Are HMRC not answerable to anyone for providing such a shoddy service. I had to laugh when told we are experiencing more letters than calls. That's because you never answer your phones. No facility for e-mails is just so pre Jurassic.

  • Bronwen

    I called the office at 3.30pm when the office closed at 4.00pm. Waited for someone to answer. Got stock recording 'sorry to keep you waiting one of our advisoors will be with you as soon as poosible' this then changed to 'sorry we can't take your call at the moment as the office is now closed'. I rang half an hour before closing and was kept waiting until the office was closed. I am absolutely disgusted. HMRC is quick enough to take your money or ring you if they need to speak to you but when you need to speak to them the just don't want to know or care! And they wonder why so many people evade paying tax.

  • Zara Smith

    36 minutes and still.waiting, been trying all week! So frustrating, sitting around waiting for your call to be answered, puts you in a bad mood! And not even an indication of how long it's going to take for your call to actually be answered. Is a complete joke.

  • Danielle

    Awful service been phoning since Monday it's now Friday and still not got through 40 mins wait and still not spoke to an advisor my query has to be done a week in advance and now it's not going to be done in time so annoyed

  • Lauren

    youd think they would be happy to quickly sort you out! how annoyin

  • Lauren

    i would really appreciate if HMRC would change their waiting music, ive heard it that much its driving me insane! well all be humming the tune in our sleep


    Just to add..........I WANT & NEED to come off benefits because of the inheritance. would they rather I just keep the benefits going???? Bloody government :(


    Today.....1 hour and 45 minutes and finally got through after a week of trying. I phoned to let them know I will be receiving an inheritance in 3 days time. I was then told...the system WONT update my change of circumstances and i will have to call back on the day. ABSOLUTELY FUMING!!!!! Ridiculous.

  • Annoyed!

    40 minutes and counting!! Have had to call from abroad as they have messed up my tax and can't get paid! I'm not hoping for much.. The advisors are at best aggressive and not helpful (if you don't want to be in that job, don't do it!! ) Now back to waiting .....

  • Nick

    I went by their offices in Nottingham today to try and do something in person. We were directed to call. Noticed quite a lot of people playing pool and tennis and God only knows what else. That's probably just the half of it. No wonder the wait times are so aweful. Everyone's away from the phones playing!


    Absolutely diabolical waiting times. You would have thought with the amount of tax we pay they actually employ someone to ANSWER THE GOD DAMN PHONE

  • Kevin Allan

    Finally got through after 1hr 3 minutes

  • Kevin Allan

    Currently at 45 minutes with no response.....!!! Shocking!!

  • abhi

    i have called to hmrc and waited for 36minutes still i havn't got any response so i cut my call and tried again and for the second time also same no response from hmrc.

  • Kerrie Marie Hanson

    if they are open 8am till 8pm why does it say at 7pm that my call cant be taken so annoying need a better service they are quick to take are money and complain when we owe them but when shoe is on the other foot they dont want to know this service is diabolical and shoddy

  • AK


  • Sandra harker

    10th time trying to get through!! Over four hours of my time to sort my tax which hmrc decided to change incorrectly. Helpful lady who eventually answered my call but its diabolical not having somewhere to go and actually talk and go through enquiry with.

  • James

    shoddy at best , quality of staff seems very questionable and they struggle with the concept of you wanting to hand something back!

  • Bod

    38 Minutes to be told I have to write a letter, no ability to email, submit online dispute form or talk to anyone with any authority to do anything....if a private organisation had service like this then they would survive

  • filt

    3rd time lucky... 40 minutes at week end then had to go out... 25 minutes during lunch hour last week... 13 minutes so far and counting...

  • Cheryl

    Turns out it was an error and I don't owe any monies after all! What a fright that was!

  • Cheryl

    'One of our advisors will be with you ASAP', 42 mins later people!

  • Cheryl

    37 mins........ Unreasonable wait time with no information as to how long you will be waiting! Love wasting my day off!

  • Cheryl

    30 mins and still waiting. In dire need of call monitoring system to communicate place in queue and wait time. Optional call back so you don't lose your place nor need to wait a nice to have, frustrating!

  • Brobinson

    45 minutes and still waiting.

  • V Bennett

    Extremely angry to repeatedly receive inaccurate non sensical letters informing me I owe tax with no explanation (when I don't even earn enough to pay tax at the moment). When I call I am on hold for ridiculous amounts of time, never yet got through to anyone. Now I am told I will be fined if I miss the 31st Jan deadline in a letter dated 5th Feb. I am so annoyed and upset. Disgusting inept "service" and a total waste of my time for months.

  • james

    They take all your details then just say they are busy and goodbye before cutting you off. worse place I have called total joke 3 times in a row.

  • Richard Williams

    I've been waiting for 30.44 and still no answer

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