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Contact number of HMRC Customer Service with opening times and when to call the helpline to avoid peak times.

Opening Hours and Estimated Waiting Time of HMRC

Closed Reopens Friday 23/02 at 08:30
Thu 22 Fri 23 Sat 24 Sun 25 Mon 26 Tue 27 Wed 28
08:30 09:00
09:00 10:00
10:00 16:00
16:00 18:00
18:00 19:00
19:00 20:00
Between and 3 min
Between 3 min and 5 min
Between 5 min and 8 min
More than 8 min


HMRC Income Tax for Self Assessment 0300 200 3300
Helpline for newly self-employed 0300 200 3504
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Top Tips

HM Revenue and Customs are about as fun to call as a funeral home. However, we can help you without taxing (hur hur) your patience.

  • Contrary to popular belief, HMRC remains OPEN on bank holidays and the call wait time is minimal!
  • On major tax ‘events’ such as the Self Assessment deadline- HMRC stays open for limited hours on Sundays.
  • Evenings are always worse than mornings, don’t be tempted to put off your call.
  • The days preceding and following a bank holiday weekend experience double the amount of call traffic than normal, try to avoid them.

Useful info

  • HMRC receives approximately 70 million calls a year

  • HMRC’s latest official figures showed that more than a third of calls were cut off in 2014 due to a busy system.

  • For those who managed to get through, the average waiting time reached 10 minutes and 53 seconds in September 2014.

  • The average waiting time went up by 5 minutes compared to September 2013.

  • Early morning calls have less chance to be cut off than afternoon and evening calls.

  • Detailed reports of HMRC’s business plan indicators can be found on the UK government website.

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