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  • Mrs Ford

    Attention Alyson Whibley: I purchase my Clinique products from the Debenhams Store in Eltham and I always look for Charlotte Arnott to assist me. Sometimes, I do not intend to purchase a Clinique product but Charlotte always stops me if I pass by the Clinique counter. Firstly, I find it incredible that she recognizes me, dealing as she does with so many people and customers. The fact that she does remember me is very flattering and makes me feel special, even though I am really quite ordinary. Her product knowledge is amazing and I find she only has to look at me to recommend a product that she knows will suit and perhaps even flatter my skin tone and condition and makeup that will enhance my features. She takes the time to make me feel that I am important and that she will try her very best to accommodate my skin and beauty requirements. She is always so helpful and patient and unfailingly friendly, even when she is so obviously very busy. I trust her product knowledge and advice. I think she is an excellent Ambassadress for the Clinique brand and that she would be a real asset to any company she serves. I sincerely hope that Charlotte gets to learn about my compliments about her. A lovely lady!

  • flor goodman

    I got my make up by the clinique sales lady at the Marlborough Sears Calgary , before I left home I had apply my moisturize and eye cream , the sale person applied more eye cream because around my eyes was very dry that is she said , I said I have sensitive eyes , she procede to applied foundation and the rest of the make up , she did a great job , the next day my left eye started to get tight and tingly , the next two days it was puffy and itchy , I decided to return the eye cream that I had not used that would of been the only different thing , everything that was applied I applied every day. On the monday I took the cream back to the store they told I had to wait for the Clinique sales person to be able to return the eye cream after 45 minutes from her brake she was back , I told her that I can use the eye cream to look at my eye how infected it looked , she proceed to tell me that there is not returned and I should pick something else , I said I'm allergic to perfumes anything with fragants , she got diffensive and said she had spent an hour doing my make up and she would never do this again Itold her that she did a great job on my make up she did not acknowledge that my eye was infected at all . I hab been a clinique customer for 30 years , and for 20 years from the same store I had never gone for a make up session and this woman have sold me make many times , I was not impress with her customer service at all , are these clinique polocies ? Thank you Flor Goodman

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