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Contact Number of DFS Customer Service


πŸ“ Head Office, 1 Rockingham Way, Redhouse Interchange, Adwick-le-Street,
DN6 7NA.

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  • Adeone Tikare

    Amazingly just had call since my post to tell me DFS are still waiting to hear from the manufacturers!!! My contract is not with the manufacturer but with DFS, sure they could contact manufacturer to order a new one if the intention was there to replace it then sort out between themselves who would cover the cost of the faulty product. If a replacement can't be arranged for a 2 month old table not fit for purpose then a full refund , cancellation of contract should be made. Plus for the matching side board which also has a door that jams!! Still ridiculously unhappy with products and customer care!!! What lengths should you have to go to just to receive goods fit for the job?!

  • Adeone Tikare

    They never call you back ! Am waiting to hear about whether they will honour replacing an expensive wooden table that developed a huge ravine crack along the centre of it after (months of waiting for the correct legs to be delivered) finally installing correct legs 2 months ago. Apparently they can't get hold of manufacturer, nobody returns my calls, at customer services or at the Sidcup store where purchased. I placed the order in May 2015, furniture not delivered when it was supposed to. Company a disaster....off to small claims court as nobody wants to talk to me ...,.have logged all conversations so it should be an interesting day in court!!!

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