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Contact number of WHSmith Customer Service with opening times and when to call the helpline to avoid peak times.

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Closed Reopens Wednesday 22/11 at 09:00
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Contact Number of WHSmith Customer Service

Customer Services 0845 604 6543


πŸ“ Greenbridge Road

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  • Annie Holme

    Received very good customer service from a young man in the north terminal at Gatwick Airport branch this morning . Very helpful and cheered up my grumpy husband!

  • issy

    Received great customer service in the Launceston branch on 9/3/16. The young girl that served me was friendly and gave me good advice on what products gave me which discount, etc. Gutted that I can't remember her name (young girl, ginger hair and glasses)

  • Julie Taylor

    Appalled at wh smith policy at Birmingham airport. No scottish notes. However Scotland allows sterling currency including English notes. This is racism.

  • bigalfromwigan

    I was just going through some old clothes and found a WH Smith gift card which is obviously over the two years old so is now worthless. I would just like to say how disgusting it is that stores like WH Smith find it prudent to steal money in this way. If bank notes went out of date like this, people would soon be up in arms about it. Why do the British public keep on buying these things when the only ones who profit are the stores when they have all this money in their accounts from us before we get any goods from them, and if we forget (and many of us do) then the store get the money for nothing. I am obviously in the wrong business - it's a licence to steal. High Street robbery I call it.

  • bigalfromwigan

    With reference to the comment regarding bags being charged for, surely the whole point of having a bag is to show where you do your shopping. Thus would it not be in the best interests of the shop to give the bagaway and gain from the publicity generated?

  • Charlotte Fry

    I was in the Weymouth branch today (17/03) buying a card at 14:20. I was very impressed by the service from the girl on the till by the cards section - St Mary's St side (unfortunately I didn't get her name). The customer in front of me clearly had learning difficulties and the cashier was patient, kind, helpful and professional - it was really nice to see. She was equally engaging and genuine when she served me. She was exemplary and I'd like to say thanks - it was a small thing but it does make a difference to someone's day.

  • Jo Evans

    Why do WH Smith have self checkout tills without bags. Surely the amount of money they loose by customers "stealing" the rubbish flimsy bags they charge 1p for must be less than the cost of employing checkout staff. After all, everybody knows the self checkout is to save WH Smith money, not to make life more convenient for the customer. I assume this is WH Smith policy, although I guess it may just be Crawley that does this.

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