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EE Customer Service, Contact Number, Opening Times and When to Call the Helpline.


EE Broadband 0844 873 8586

Call Time

Medium Estimated wait until 22:00
Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon
07:00 12:00
12:00 17:30
17:30 22:00
Very low
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  • Julia Feeley

    Waited 2 hours 20 mins with no joy. Internet has stopped so I have no choice but to phone and Iam not impressed with this level of customer service to say the very least!

  • Eve

    this is ridiculous:(((( I was waiting forever & no1 pick up the phone:( very disappointed :((((

  • Liam Evans

    They need more staffs because they are taking the piss to answer their calls been on hold for 45mins, No way every staff is on the phone with a customer, i bet the most of them are just sitting there having a cup of tea and on the computer (For Example: facebook, twitter, Youtube)

  • Liam Evans

    You need more staffs so you can at least answer the phone a bit faster

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