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Contact number of 3 Mobile Customer Service with opening times and when to call the helpline to avoid peak times.


3 Mobile Customer Services 0843 373 3333 3 Mobile Customer Services 0843 373 3333

Opening Hours and Estimated Waiting Time of 3 Mobile

Closed Reopens Wednesday 22/11 at 08:00
Wed 22 Thu 23 Fri 24 Sat 25 Sun 26 Mon 27 Tue 28
08:00 09:00
09:00 20:00
20:00 21:00


πŸ“ Hutchison 3G UK Ltd PO Box 333
G2 9AG.



3 Customer Service 0843 373 3333


πŸ“ PO Box 337

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  • Pattie

    I have just waited 1 3/4 hrs on the line to Three and finally gave up. All I want is a PAC number for my telephone as I am transferring to another provider. Three insist on contact by phone for this. Had constant messages throughout saying you are now in the queue and you will be answered shortly, etc so didn't realise there was a problem but I have since found out the closing time is 6pm. Will have to start all over again tomorrow morning along with many others, no doubt. Really helpful and customer friendly service?

  • GavinAyling

    Virgin Media sucks at Customer Service though...

  • 3 customer

    Phoned 3 customer services on 333, the call was 20 mins before their closing time at 6 pm, i called at 17.41 pm. I didnt know their support hours at the time, but was at a computer so looked it up while i was waiting. My call didnt get answered and i hung up at 18.13. The call repeatedly stated from an automated recording that I was in a queue and that i should wait, but i suspect all the staff had gone home and had left me on hold. A notice that their phone services closed at or near 6 pm would have been nice, considering I and many others would be happy to call the next day. Poor service - situation normal.

  • Maricica Amancei

    The opening time for Customers Service was troubled us a lot last night. My husband was lost abroad and couldn't receive or make calls because he reached the spending limit. The contract is in my name, and I wasn't able neither to contact my husband nor to increase the spending limit on his mobile because the Customer Service is not open 24h now. I consider that to can contact Customers Service is a mater of security also. Moreover now I am thinking to leave this mobile provider even I was with them more than 5 years.

  • eugh

    ive been on the phone for ages I only wanted to activate my sim :(

  • Chloe Rigby

    no one is able to answer my call, it's so annoying.

  • uddin

    no opening times and any stated time not accurate virgin open 24hours. no incentives for long term customers virgin has incentives for long term customers

  • fucker

    Seet,where is the opening hours?

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