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Call Time

Medium Estimated wait until 17:00
Thu 23 Fri 24 Sat 25 Sun 26 Mon 27 Tue 28 Wed 29
08:00 12:00
12:00 17:00
17:00 19:00
19:00 21:00

Contact number

Vodafone Pay Monthly 08700 700191

Top Tips

Top Tips

Vodafone’s Pay Monthly call centre is based in the UK and in Egypt. Because of the problems in that part of the world, Egyptian staff have to be in their homes at 17:00 for curfew. Therefore, where one would normally expect to see a decline in calls (late evening), the lack of staff leads to saturation.

Call Time

Low Estimated wait until 15:00
Thu 23 Fri 24 Sat 25 Sun 26 Mon 27 Tue 28 Wed 29
08:00 09:00
09:00 15:00
15:00 19:00
19:00 21:00
Very low


Vodafone Pay and Go 08700 776655

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  • mark

    I have a problem

  • Stephen Cowell

    Over the past 4 months i have spent hours of my own time trying to resolve data issues which havnt been my fault, even thou i have been told the problem has been resolved my phone is still contantly getting cut off, vodafone are an abosolute discrace the customer support team have no idea what the problem is every time i ring up, NOBODY should become a vodafone customer wate of time !!!

  • Lu rose

    What a joke , rang waited 15mins,got cut off rang back 33p a min,waited 20min , no call back op,just can't get through.something should be done about bad voda phone .

  • Chanell Cross

    Discusting service from Vodafone been a customer for years and after months of my phone regularly being cut off. I have now gone 5 days with no service believing the network was down for my other half to tell me that my number is not recognised. Called Vodafone they asked me to Input my number and them too even said my number is not recognised!!!! surely they can't just cut off my contract altogether with no warning and for no reason?!??

  • jia

    contacted Vodafone in October to enquire about roaming charges as going on holiday. took 5 calls and 2 live chats and yet still the call centre could not understand what I was enquiring about!! anyway 5 months later and having trouble accessing online. online chat have no access to accounts and completely misreading my comments. clearly reading from a script!!. my advice, same language speaking customer service for that country. No problem with seeking cheaper call centres, jut make sure they can benefit your company!!

  • April hyams

    By fat the worst phone company ive ever had to deal with! Would stear clear at all costs will do everything in my power to make sure anyone i come accross never has to associate themselves with this company i have posted on every single social media and also going to daily mail about the absoloute disgusting service ive had to receive and have no phone line for 2 weeks and not one single person has a clue what they are talking about!!!!!!!

  • Me Ali

    Hi Voda team, Usually you are very Good but very disappointed this time with the service as both my contract phones have been blocked and cant get get through to voda phone team and this has happened before and had such a long delay to reconnect. That's of calling several times and waiting hours. This is with out doubt not only an error from Voda but left me unable to make any calls or texts. Please can you hire more people as this is not what I expect from Voda at all.

  • Michelle williams

    Hi I purchased a phone nearly two weeks ago. I chased the PAC code change over last Thursday. I spoke to a lovely customer service agent who said give it a day to change over. She mentioned a error ur side but was emailing the issue straight away. Nothing happened and I'm still waiting to get through to u to resolve. Its getting frustrating and I'm ready to cancel my new contract.

  • Stephen Marsh

    Been trying to get through today with no luck. Yesterday I tried to cancel my contract as it had ended. They some how offered me a deal which I couldn't refuse. Unlimited calls and texts and 6GB with a new Sure Signal box all for £13.20. I said does this include VAT as they have pulled this trick before. The guy swore on the phone that the TOTAL I PAY IS £13.20..... No trick. He said he wouldn't lie as its recorded. I agreed a new contract for 12 months. Today my package says its £22. He lied to me. I have 14 days to cancel. Can I get through today to cancel. No fu..ing chance. Contacting BBC Watchdog.

  • sonia

    I've been ringing you since the 6th of October to sort a mistake out with my bill which is your fault nearly 5 hrs on the fone altogether, having to explain the situation which is a long story to so many people it's getting beyond a joke now, if this does not get sorted u WILL NOT be receiving any money off me your customer service is disgusting, I've been called a liar by your customer service which I proved them to be wrong by going into the store, saying I'm furious is an under statement!!!!!

  • Sonya

    Been on for 15 minutes up to now and this is my 4th call most of my calls has been for half an hour to an hour waiting let's see how long this one takes before I put the phone down.

  • Patricia

    Having to call back again for a problem I called up about only a fews dats ago! Not good customer service for allowingvthe customers to keep calling

  • Patryk

    Hour of waiting and still didn't get through!! I have some weird additional charges for texts I've never sent and never received! Wtf!!!

  • jo

    Been trying to get through for over an hour to query a bill which is double what it should be! Bet they would answer if I was leaving! Been listening to James bay on their line, never wanna hear hold back the river again!

  • Locks

    All of a sudden my friends and family group has changed so I top up they take my money and still do nothing about the change in my group members actually fucking hate VODAPHONE

  • Laura

    It's an absolute joke! Been on the phone about 1 hour and half and still haven't got through!!!! Need to sort out my bill.. Disgusting service. Think I'm going to change networks and cancel my contract I hope they're reading this! Absolute fucking joke

  • Jessica

    I keep getting extra charges put on my account! For making phone calls to there customer service. What a joke, definitely not paying them this month! Not to mention the hours spent waiting on the phone such a disappointment

  • Ian

    Waiting 38 mins so far for a query on my bill. Is Sunday the wrong time to call? Or are Vodafone becoming complacent about customer service.

  • youmofo

    Wife has been waiting for over an hour disgusting service vodafone don't be surprised when u don't get paid bye

  • Me

    Diabolical Service Got Through Then They Put The Phone Down Absolutely Disgusted

  • Michelle Simba

    Why am i waiting over an hour to get someone to answer on vodaphone ????

  • fjones

    ordered an iphone 6 with a new contract sept 2014... 1 year later and multiple useless phone calls to vodafone, i am paying for a contract and phone they never sent to me and refuse to refund me for their mistakes.

  • Ian Davies

    This is absolute rubbish! Is anyone at Vodafone reading this? Pathetic service. Why have a call centre in a decrepit totalitarian country. Great management!

  • Atume

    Bad bad experience vodaphone go to hell I missed my train I am waiting 1 hour 47 minute still no answer shame you should sort your service after this experience I am cancel my line

  • Vic

    15 min and counting

  • Vic

    I hung up and called again first call was half hour let's see what the rest is

  • Robin

    Vodafone seems to not care for customers. Probably the worst mobile network for customer support which is pretty much non existant. not to meantion they seem to think it's ok to charge us for contacting an advisor which I am yet to be able to get to.

  • mama papa

    I hate vidaofone, i will never renew my centract with them any more. I had some stupid call from their customer service team offering me extra 3gb internet for £3, which I accepted to enjoy my sky sports, the next day everything has changed in my contact, I have no longer had sky sports on my contract any more, when I call to ask why, the staff told me that the package I had is not match with TV package whiles I was told that it won't change anything from current plan, am shocked to call more than 20days without help, all I heard is that we will investigate it and we will call u after 24hrs. It's one month now no respond.

  • ben

    45 minutes so far, with no indication of how much longer i should expect to wait.

  • adam

    I have waited over an hour to query a bill that is Constantly sky high! Shocking and not enough staff clearly

  • Liam

    Over an hour and no joy. Heard the same song on repeat long enough to hate it and know every word. Shocking service, the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing. Promises made and never kept. Wish I had stayed with o2.

  • Kinga Jackowiak

    35min and still waiting Vodafone is bad on customer service to long waiting time !!!!!

  • Jay

    ridiculous waiting time!!!! Over half an hour wait is unacceptable.

  • jane

    I hate waiting hours for so little or no help

  • Shaamziixx

    Iv been on the fine WAITING 2 get through 4 over half hr all cuz I CNT top up via my bank card which I've never had a problem any other time but 2 day I cnt n I top up wiv same card every Friday. Jeeeeeezzzzzzzzz

  • Terlita

    Over 2 hours still waiting this is the 3rd time iv had to call with the same problem in 3days

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