Buckingham Palace

Off to Buckingham Palace? See our inside advice for a queue free visit. We're also clued up on opening times and phone numbers too!

Waiting times

Closed Reopens Sunday 22/07 at 09:30
Wed 17 Thu 18 Fri 19 Sat 20 Sun 21 Mon 22 Tue 23
09:30 19:00
19:00 19:30


Booking Information +44 (0)20 7766 7300
UK call rate


Buckingham Palace



  • Tickets start at Β£23 per person (adult price).
  • There will be no need to queue as the tickets will be limited and allocated for entry at a specific time.

Tips for a few days in London

This page will give you many tips to avoid crowds in London as well as crowd schedules for top tourist attractions in order to plan your visits.

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