The Corcovado & the Christ Redeemer monument

Off to the Corcovado? See our insider advice for a queue-free visit as well as opening times and phone numbers!

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Our tips: how to get to Corcovado

Going to Corcovado by train

This is the most popular way to get to Corcovado. The train leaves from Cosme Velho (check the buses to get there, as the closest metro - Largo do Machado - is quite far).


  • Adult: R$50
  • Children from 6-12: R$25
  • Children under 6, held in lap: Free

Open 7 days a week, from 08-19h, trains leave every 30 minutes. Duration of trip: 20 minutes

Tickets can be bought at the RioTur kiosk (9, Rua da Candelária, Centro) or on the website. To guarantee your places, without queueing, we highly recommend buying your tickets online. Note, there is a R$5,00 commission when buying the tickets online, but we think it’s worth the comfort of having a fixed entry time and avoiding the queues.

Credit & debit cards are accepted. Tickets are valid for one entrance only. The voucher acquired by internet should be exchanged at the ticket office of the Cosme Velho, 30 minutes before embarking. To change your ticket, contact: (11) 4412 5454 they will need you to inform the voucher code and the CPF or Passport number.

Going to Corcovado by van

This is another good option to get to Corcovado. We highly suggest this van service and not any of the many other pirate van services because it will take you straight to the monument at the top without the need to stop at the Paineiras Point, (get a huge queue) and pay for yet another van (which is exclusively from this company anyway) to get to the Christ Redeemer monument.

From Copacabana or Largo do Machado: - Children under 5: Free - Children from 6-11yrs and Brazilians over 60: R$ 19 /person - Over 12 yrs: R$ 51 /person (high season) and R$ 41 /person (low season)

From the Paineiras Point: R$22,00 low season R$32,00 high season

Tickets can be bought at the pick-up location or online

NOTE: All vans leaving from Cosme Velho where the train can be taken are pirate vans.

The ticket includes access to the Monument Christ Redeemer & transport from:

  1. Praça do Lido in Copacabana, Daily, from 8h - 17h.
  2. Largo do Machado, Flamengo Daily, from 8h - 16h.
  3. Estrada das Paineiras, next to where the Hotel Paineiras used to be (Paineiras Point). Daily, from 8h - 18h.

Going to Corcovado by car

Note: the car parking is available for cars and motorcycles at the top of Paineiras (they will not be allowed further than this point). From this point, vans can transport visitors for the rest of the journey up to the statue of the Christ Redeemer.

  • High season, weekends & bank holidays R$ 31,36
  • Low season R$ 21,36

We highly recommend you get your tickets for the van from the Paineiras point to the Christ Redeemer online: and not on site, as the Paineiras point queue is THE queue to be avoided. This is the meeting point for people coming by car, motorcycle, taxi, or by foot and the queue can be enormous.

Free access for:

  1. Children up to 12 yrs old, as long as accompanied by an adult,

  2. Tour guides, upon presentation of up-to-date EMBRATUR ID cards.

  3. Brazilian visitors, or foreigners that can prove permanent residence in Brazil, that are 60 yrs old or over.

Important tips

Vans, cars, taxis and all sorts of pirate transport will be available when arriving at the train entrance. There are many sellers who stand at the entrance selling their methods of transport. Their prices are negotiable, however, NOTE that these can only take you to the Paineiras Point, where it will be necessary for you to get another ticket for another van transport up to the monument entrance. Therefore, if you want to avoid the long queues at the Paineiras point we suggest you choose another method of transport. Christo Redentor Photo credits to Carlos Varela via Flickr

Phone tips

Call between 8 and 9am to get a quick answer.

Telephone number

Group ticket purchases +55 (11) 4412 5454
Contact number +55 (21) 2558 1329
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Photo credits to Aaron Epstein via Flickr


📍 Estrada das Paineiras
Rio de Janeiro

By Car

  • Two routes are possible: via Cosme Velho or Alto da Boa Vista
  • Parking on site is limited to 150 vehicles
  • The Paineiras point is located next to where the old Hotel Paineiras used to be.
Office address
📍 Estrada das Paineiras, s/n° | Santa Teresa
CEP 22241.330
Rio de Janeiro
Trem do Corcovado
📍 Rua Cosme Velho, 513
Rio de Janeiro

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