Everland (Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea)

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Best time to visit

The main peak season at Everland falls in the summer, from about the 3rd week of July until the end of the 2nd week of August, that’s the busiest period of the year with highest ticket and hotel prices and huge crowds at Everland. Christmas and New Year is another very popular period with crowds everywhere and long waiting lines for basically all attractions.

Give preference to early spring or fall for your visit, as it combines pleasant weather, fewer crowds and lower prices. There are however some particular periods:

  • The week from the last Friday of April until the first Saturday of May is best avoided: there are some consecutive public holidays, and many Koreans travel;
  • From late October until mid-November the autumn color season usually takes place. It doesn’t effect the flow of visitors at Everland that much since most locals and tourists rush to the mountains, but it can be considered one of the most beautiful periods of the year in Korea;
  • May is the busiest spring month.

Low season is in winter (except for the holiday period): it’s too cold, and many Everland attractions are closed.

There are always way less people on weekdays than on weekends, prefer coming in the middle of the week to find the shortest waiting times.

Buy your skip-the-line tickets before coming, that will prevent you from queueing at the entrance.

Everland tips Photo credits to Walter Lim via Flickr

Tips for arrival

  1. Use the Q-Pass to save time: it’s a timed entry ticket available on a first-come, first-serve basis, available for most popular attractions. Tickets can be sold-out early in the day, so ask at the ticket desk where you can get one, at least for the T express, which is the most popular attraction at the park and has the longest waiting lines.

  2. In case of low temperatures or rain some attractions may be closed. The following attractions are closed even under light rain: Racing Coaster, Dragon Coaster, Magic Swing, Let’s Twist, Championship Rodeo, Hurricane, Columbus Adventures, T Express. If one of these is your priority and rain seems probable on the day of your visit - plan to do these rides first thing in the morning or head there immediately once the rain is over.

  3. Plan your visit: you should choose the attractions you want to ride for sure, those you’d like to ride if there’s time left and prioritize them. At the opening the waiting time is the smallest, so head first to the most popular attractions of your “must do” list: their waiting time will double or even triple by midday.

  4. If you’re in doubt and don’t know which attractions to choose and which path to follow - check the proposed itineraries on the official website where the park suggests the best itineraries, for a rainy day, for the main thrills or for a visit with small children.

  5. There’s a ticket booth for foreign visitors at the park entrance, where you can get more information about Q-passes, rules and attractions. Don’t forget to print this coupon, it will give you a discount at the park’s ticket office (available only for foreigners).

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📍 199 Everland-ro, Pogog-eup Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si

By Subway: The closest stop is Jeondae Everland Station on Yongin Ever Line (30 minutes from Giheung Station).

By bus: There are regular buses from Seoul (№ 5002, 5700) and two shuttle buses (check them here).

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