Castel Sant'Angelo

Off to Castel Sant'Angelo? See our insider advice for a queue-free visit. We also inform of opening times and phone numbers!

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Castel Sant'Angelo (Infodesk) +39 (0)6 68 19 111
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Ticket office +39 (0)6 68 96 003
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Our tips

When to visit Castel Sant'Angelo

  • The best time to visit Castel Sant’Angelo is in the evening: no crowds will be left, and the view is amazing, especially at the sunset hour. This is one of the best spots to take photos of the city, so plan to arrive about 1-2 hours before the sunset to see all the rooms first and catch the sunset on the terrace bar, looking at St.Peter’s dome.

  • During peak hours (in the morning) the queue can take up to one hour. When the number of visitors is too high, the museum’s administration can apply limitations for the entry, so the queue may become even longer.

  • Friday night is a great option to discover Castel Sant’Angelo without large crowds, in particular if you go just for a weekend!

  • Avoid the first Sunday of the month, when the entrance is free. The museum will be packed with visitors!

Castel Sant'Angelo

Tips for a few days in Rome

This page will give you many tips to avoid crowds in Rome as well as crowd schedules for top tourist attractions in order to plan your visits.

Ticket prices

Full price: € 10

Reduced price: € 5 (EU citizens from 18 to 25)

Free: EU citizens under 18 years

Plan your trip well

During the summer special events take place, with different concerts, exhibitions, room openings. Passetto (an elevated passage that links the Vatican City with the Castel Sant’Angelo, an emergency route for the Pope) is partially open for a couple of weeks between July and September. Check the information on the official website.

The busiest periods in Rome are April-May and August-October. Prefer the winter period (except for Christmas and New Year holidays) to get a more intimate impression of the city and better rates in hotels, it’s the lowest season. June is the calmest of the summer months and it’s not that hot yet, so it could also be a good time to visit Rome.


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Castel Sant'Angelo
📍 Lungotevere Castello, 50

By metro: line A (Lepanto or Ottaviano-San Pietro stop)

By bus: lines 62, 23, 271, 982, 280 (Piazza Pia stop)

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