Schönbrunn Palace

Off to Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna? See our insider advice for a queue-free visit as well as opening times and phone numbers!

Make sure to buy your skip-the-line tickets online before your visit!

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Our tips

Tips for your visit

  • Buy your tickets online to avoid waiting in line.

  • If you decide to buy tickets on site - it’s best to come at opening time or after 3-4 pm, to avoid peak times. The busiest hours in the palace are from 10 am to 12 am. If your plan was to arrive at that time - you’d better start from the gardens and see the palace later in the afternoon, when there will be less people inside.

  • If you’re stuck in the queue for the tickets at the front gate - try the Palace’s other entrance (left side of the palace), there are two kiosks where you can purchase tickets with your credit card and usually no queue at all.

  • Since the visit of Schönbrunn could be split into two even parts - Palace and Gardens - try scheduling the Palace visit at the time when it’s the least crowded (no AC inside, too hot, especially in summer peak hours) and go to the gardens before or after: even when there are lots of people they seem to spread well in the big gardens and won’t bother you much, in contrast to crowds inside the Palace.

  • Groups tend to arrive in the morning, by 10-11 am. As they are loud, rushing and often fill the rooms to capacity, we recommend you don’t start your visit of the Palace at the same time.

Best times to visit Vienna and Schönbrunn Palace

High season in Vienna is from April to September, with a particular tourist peak in July and August. Try to avoid at least these two busiest months, as the Schönbrunn Palace, being a number one destination in the capital, is always overcrowded.

January and February see the lowest number of visitors. Your visit will be much more intimate if you come during this period.

March and November could be a good compromise: mild weather comes with mild crowds.

Vienna becomes a popular destination for Christmas holidays, so coming in the second half of December wouldn’t be the best decision.

If you aim to avoid crowds - keep an eye on major events and festivals taking place in Vienna so that you don’t arrive at the same time: Vienna festival, Viennale, Vienna Fashion Week… Keep away from the city (unless it’s what you go for) in May 2015 when Vienna will host the Eurovision contest!

Schonbrunn Palace Photo credits to Ramón Cutanda López via Flickr

Tickets and tours

You’ll need to choose among tour tickets, combined tickets and passes. Here are the main options:

Imperial Tour (22 rooms / 35 minutes)

  • Adult € 11,50 (with audioguide)

  • Children € 8,50 (with audioguide)

Grand Tour (40 rooms / 50 minutes)

  • Adults € 14,50 (with audioguide) or € 16,50 (in a group with a guide)
  • Children € 9,50 (with audioguide) or € 11,00 (in a group with a guide)

Combined tickets (for example, Palace + Zoo)

Check the available options on the official website.

Sisi Ticket (Schloß Schönbrunn, Hofburg Wien, Imperial Furniture Collection)

  • Adults € 25,50

  • Children € 15,00

Photo credits to Debarsi Roy via Flickr

Contact number

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Schönbrunn Palace
📍 Schönbrunner Schlossstrasse 47

By metro: line U4, Schönbrunn station

By tram: lines 10 and 58, Schönbrunn station

By bus: line 10A, Schönbrunn station

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