Lennusadam Museum - Seaplane Harbour

Off to Lennusadam in Tallinn? See our insider advice for a queue-free visit as well as opening times and phone numbers!

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Our tips

Tips to visit Lennusadam

The queue for the tickets takes about 10 minutes on average, though spending an hour in it does occur occasionally. Follow our tips to avoid wasting your time:

Avoid visiting the museum during the school holiday period.

Avoid visiting Lennusadam during the first and last two weeks of temporary exhibitions. In 2015 there’s a “Sail or Sink” exhibition from 12/02 to 26/07 and “Race to the End of the Earth” from 28/08 to 10/01of 2016). If you visit Lennusadam between the two exhibitions, there are considerably less visitors.

Give preference to coming during the week. The best days to visit are Wednesdays and Thursdays. There are always more visitors on weekends and public holidays.

The evening is the best time to visit, during the low season one hour before the closing time you may literally find yourself alone in this spectacular place and try out all the interactive simulators that attract large crowds on busy middays: take a flight above Tallinn, go on an around-the-world journey in the Yellow Submarine, or navigate on the Gulf of Tallinn.

The location is big, and on most parts of it the crowds won’t bother you at all. Anyway, to properly explore the museum’s main highlight - the Lembit submarine - it’s best to choose a less crowded time: in the closed and tight space you’d probably prefer not to find yourself surrounded by a dozen or so other visitors. Not only may it spoil the impression, but the photos as well.

If you visit the museum with kids - they’ll definitely like the round-the-world trip in the Yellow Submarine. Keep in mind that the show starts roughly every 15 minutes, and the capacity is limited, so it may make sense to check the next start time once you get to the ground floor and before proceeding to other exhibits.

The average visit lasts about 2-3 hours.

Don’t forget to explore the steam icebreaker ship Suur Tõll outside, in the harbour!

Lennusadam - Летная Гавань

Best time to visit Tallinn

High season in Tallinn is from May to October, the largest amounts of tourists are seen during the summer months, especially in July and August. We advise you to avoid planning your trip for this period, since this is when hotel and ticket rates are highest.

If you plan on visiting Tallinn during a warm part of the year - give preference to coming in early June (school holidays start in the middle of the month), late May or September. It may be quite cold in winter (even in March you’ll be impressed by the freezing winds) but if you’re not afraid of low temperatures - Tallinn is extremely beautiful and relatively calm during the Christmas period.

In general, queues are not common in Tallinn: you probably won’t have to spend more than 15 minutes in the waiting line for tickets even during high season, though some major museums may be uncomfortably overcrowded during the first and last weeks of temporary exhibitions.

Lennusadam Museum

Contact numbers

Information and booking +372 (0) 6200 550
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Ticket office +372 (0) 6200 545
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Lennusadam Museum
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