The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Montreal, Canada)

Off to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts? See our insider advice for a queue-free visit as well as opening times and phone numbers!

Estimated attendance

Closed Reopens Wednesday 10/08 at 11:00
Wed 10 Thu 11 Fri 12 Sat 13 Sun 14 Mon 15 Tue 16
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15:00 17:00
17:00 21:00
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Only the Major Exhibition is open

Contact number

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts +1 800 899 6873
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Our tips

Best time to visit

Check the opening hours before your visit, as they vary throughout the year.

Try to avoid weekends, public holidays and school holidays in order to avoid the crowds.

The best time to visit the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is on Wednesday afternoon, after 15:00: the museum has extended hours for the major exhibitions, so you’ll have two hours to discover the permanent collections in peace, when most visitors leave the place, and head to the temporary exhibition after.

Midday is the most crowded time of the day.

Try not to schedule your visit for the last Sunday of the month: it may be quite busy (due to free admission to the permanent collection and discovery exhibitions).

Avoid coming during the first and last week of a temporary exhibition, there are always many more visitors. If the museum announces exceptional opening days (for example, opens on Monday for the popular temporary exhibition, while it’s usually closed on this day) - it could be a great option to visit the museum, the queues will be significantly shorter.

Tuesday is usually busier than other weekdays.

High season in Montreal is from June to mid-September, but also includes Christmas holidays and the Spring Break. If you come during this period - it would be wise to avoid queuing by booking your ticket online on the official website.

Winter is the low season: crowds won’t bother you much, and you’ll get cheaper rates.

Spring and autumn, being shoulder seasons in Montreal, will offer you a good compromise between weather and crowds.

Museum of Fine Arts Montreal Photo credits to Andrew Louis via Wikimedia Commons (CC - BY 3.0)

Admission Fees

Ages 31 and up: $12 for the collections and discovery exhibitions / $20 with the major exhibitions

Ages 13 to 30: free for the collections and discovery exhibitions/ $12 for the major exhibitions

Ages 12 and under (must be accompanied by an adult): Free / Free

Ages 65 and up: Free admission on Thursdays to the collections and discovery exhibitions/ $20 with the major exhibitions

Wednesday evenings (from 5 p.m.): the permanent collection is closed, the major exhibitions ticket is $10.

Access to the collections and discovery exhibits is free for:

  • Museum VIP members
  • People aged 30 and under
  • People ages 65 and up every Thursday
  • The general public: the last Sunday of every month
  • The general public during the Holiday season – December 26 to January 2 – and Spring Break.
  • Families taking part in the activities offered in the Studios Art & Education Michel de la Chenelière (workshops and Family Lounge) will receive a dated pass.
  • Underprivileged groups taking part in the Sharing the Museum program, which benefits from the support of sponsors.
  • All holders of membership cards from our cultural partners will enjoy the same discounts as applicable to admission to Major Exhibitions.

Photo credits to daryl_mitchell via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)


Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
📍 1380 Sherbrooke Street West
H3G 1J5
Montreal, Quebec

By bus: line 24 (Sherbrooke / de la Montagne or Sherbrooke / Redpath stops)

By metro: Peel Station or Guy-Concordia Station

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