Off to visit the Reichstag and its dome? See our insider advice for a queue-free visit as well as opening times and phone numbers!

Opening hours of the Bundestag

Advance booking required Estimated wait until 23:59
Thu 11 Fri 12 Sat 13 Sun 14 Mon 15 Tue 16 Wed 17
08:00 23:59
Advance booking required

Our tips

Book your visit online

The entrance to the Reichstag is allowed only with prior booking. You can book a place just for the Dome visit or for the guided tour of the building with the Dome, in the language of your choice, on Reichstag’s official website. You’ll want to do this at least a week before your arrival in low season and as soon as you know your travel dates, in high season.

Admission is free.

If you would like to visit the dome but have not booked in advance, you can register to do so at the service centre, run by the Visitors’ Service, near the Reichstag Building, next to the Berlin Pavilion. If any free places are still available, you will be issued a booking confirmation entitling you to visit the dome (you won’t be able to enter immediately, count at least two hours between the booking and the time of your visit). You can also register at this service center to visit the dome over the following two days.

If you plan to book your place in the Visitors’ Service centre - consider coming early in the morning, when it opens its doors at 8 am, your chances of getting in to the Reichstag will be higher.


Tips for a few days in Berlin

This page will give you many tips to avoid crowds in Berlin as well as crowd schedules for top tourist attractions in order to plan your visits.

Tip to get inside the Reichstag

During high season you can find that there are no more tickets available on the website and desperately long queues to the Visitors Service centre. There’s still a way to see the Dome: the German Bundestag is in fact the only parliament building in the world to house a public restaurant, with great views of the city. It’s mandatory to book your table before (just send them an email with the time you’d like to come, your full name and your date of birth). Breakfast is highly recommended, and if the weather is good - you can sit on the terrace enjoying the panoramic view. If you decide to follow this tip - go upon your arrival to the entrance below and to the right of the West Portal (West C) and don’t forget your ID! You can grab a headset and audio tour for the dome and visit it freely after the restaurant.

Parliamentary sessions and guided tours

When Parliament is sitting in Bundestag, you can visit the plenary sitting at the following times:

  • Wednesdays from 13.00 to approx. 16.00

  • Thursdays from 9.00 to approx. 22.00

  • Fridays from 9.00 to approx. 14.00

Be sure to book your place well in advance, as the number of places are limited.

When Parliament is not sitting, you can join the tour of the Reichstag building available in different languages, just contact the Visitor Service Centre to know the days and hours they are held.

No tours are held on the following days:

  • 14 April (Good Friday),

  • 16 April (Easter Sunday),

  • 19 November (Day of National Mourning),

  • 23 to 26 December (Christmas),

  • 31 December (New Year’s Eve).

Practical Information

  • For security reasons, large pieces of luggage may not be taken into the Reichstag Building. No storage facilities are available on site.

  • The German Bundestag is accessible for people with disabilities. The Reichstag Building can be accessed by wheelchair users via ramps and also via the “Disabled Entrance” (West C).

  • Parliamentary business, weather conditions and the security situation can cause the closure of the dome for visitors without prior notice.

Contact number

Reichstag's visitor centre +49 (0) 30 227 32152
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Photo credits to avda-foto via Flickr


Deutscher Bundestag
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