The Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto, Canada)

Off to the Royal Ontario Museum? See our insider advice for a queue-free visit as well as opening times and phone numbers!

Estimated attendance

Closed Reopens Wednesday 10/08 at 10:00
Wed 10 Thu 11 Fri 12 Sat 13 Sun 14 Mon 15 Tue 16
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Contact number

Royal Ontario Museum +1 416 586 8000
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Our tips

Admission Fees (permanent collection)

General admission:

  • Adult: $16
  • Students (15 – 25) and seniors (65+): $14.50
  • Children (4 – 14): $13
  • Infants (0-3): free

Best Value Fridays (after 4:30 PM):

  • Adult: $10
  • Students (15 – 25) and seniors (65+): $9
  • Children (4 – 14): $7
  • Infants (0-3): free

Best time to visit Royal Ontario Museum

High season in Canada is from May to September with particular peaks in July and August.

Therefore, give preference to the period from October to April, in order to find smaller crowds and better rates. Still, Toronto has a more or less stable flow of visitors throughout the year: you’ll never find the Royal Ontario Museum empty!

There are generally less visitors in winter, especially in January (excluding holiday dates).

CN Tower in Toronto Photo credits to Neal Jennings via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Our tips

Prefer visiting the Royal Ontario Museum mid-week to avoid crowds.

Mondays are slightly more crowded than other weekdays: the Art Gallery Ontario is closed on this day and it brings an extra flow of visitors to the ROM.

Mornings are always busier and see more families with children. Come after 13:00 to have a quieter and more intimate experience.

Sunday mornings are not so busy so if you’re coming for a weekend only, think of going at the opening time in order to explore the museum’s highlights before crowds arrive.

The best option to avoid crowds and save money is to come on Friday afternoon: ROM has extended hours, until 8:30pm, and there’s a reduced ticket price applied after 4:30pm.

During school holidays the museum gets packed, but there are still less visitors in the afternoon.

General admission to the Museum is free on Tuesdaysto students attending a Canadian post-secondary institution.

Count on spending at least 2 hours inside, though some require up to 4 hours to explore the entire museum.

Plan your visit in advance by checking the floor map and deciding which galleries to hit first. The best strategy is to visit the most popular galleries during the off-peak hours. Those include the Dinosaurs, the Bat Cave and Egyptian mummies (located on Levels 2 and 3). Leave Levels 1 and 4 for busy hours: they are less popular and always less crowded.

Don’t miss out on a free museum tour (check here), there is one for museum highlights and one for specific galleries and exhibitions as well!

You can buy your ticket online to avoid waiting in queues if coming during holidays or on busy days.

The period when the museum rotates the temporary exhibition may be quite crowded: the last two weeks and the first two weeks are usually the most popular! Booking your ticket well in advance may guarantee a queue-free visit, though we’d recommend waiting a week or two if possible to have a calmer and comfortably crowd-less viewing environment.

Photo credits to dannygalic via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)


Royal Ontario Museum
📍 100 Queen’s Park
M5S 2C6
Toronto, ON,

By Subway:

  • Bloor-Danforth Subway Line: St. George Station is the closest subway stop to the ROM’s main entrance.
  • Yonge-University Subway Line: Museum Station is the nearest to the ROM’s President’s Choice School Entrance (not wheelchair accessible).

By Bus

  • From Eglinton subway station: line 5.
  • The 142 routes use accessible buses and run north and south with stops at Queen’s Park just half a block south-east of ROM’s main entrance.

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