St Fagans National History Museum (Cardiff, Wales)

Off to St Fagans National History Museum? See our insider advice for a queue-free visit as well as opening times and phone numbers!

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Tips for your visit

Avoid visiting St Fagans during the busiest months: in April and August.

May, July and September are quieter, but still attract lots of visitors, especially on weekends. Choose June for the best crowds/weather ratio!

Not surprisingly, St Fagans is at its calmest in winter, but probably it’s not the nicest time to discover the open-air museum. Up to you to decide!

During school holidays and on bank holidays there are much more visitors on site. Choose another day if possible. During the school year opt for weekdays (especially Thursdays and Fridays), they are quieter. During the summer holidays the difference between the visitors numbers during the week and on weekend is not that big - still, it would be smart to avoid visiting St Fagans on Saturday - the busiest day at the museum.

Easter week is a very crowded time, particularly Good Friday and Easter Monday. Food Festival in September is another peak period.

Opening hours and admission fees

  • Open daily from 10am to 5pm.
  • Open on Bank Holiday Mondays.
  • Children under 11 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Admission to St Fagans National History Museum is free.

Charges may be applied to special tours and events, you can check them here.

St Fagans Castle

St Fagans Castle

Photo credits to amateur photography by michel via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Contact numbers

St Fagans National History Museum 029 2057 3500
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St Fagans National History Museum
  • On foot: St Fagans National History Museum is located 4 miles west of Cardiff City Centre, there are some pleasant circular walks in the area around the Museum.

  • By bike: sheltered bike racks are available at the main entrance. The main cycle route to the Museum from Cardiff city centre is via the Ely Trail.

  • By train: The nearest rail station is Waungron Park located 2 miles from St Fagans.

  • By bus: routes 32, 32A and 320 stop at the main entrance of the Museum.

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