St Paul's Cathedral (London, England)

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Top Tips

  • St Paul’s is not just a beautiful tourist attraction, it’s an active place of worship. Please be mindful of the schedule of worship. There are usually services at 7:30, 8:00, 12:30pm and 5:00pm. You’re welcome to participate- but viewing the cathedral may not be permitted during these services. Sundays are different, with the cathedral often requesting worshipers only and no tourists.
  • Check the last entry to view the galleries or the main church (usually 15 mins before closing). English summer holidays and weather may encourage larger crowds.

Tips for a few days in London

This page will give you many tips to avoid crowds in London as well as crowd schedules for top tourist attractions in order to plan your visits.


St Paul's
πŸ“ The Chapter House St Paul's Churchyard

Contact St Paul's

St Paul's 020 7246 8350
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