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How to avoid hours of queueing, visiting when it’s not packed by choosing the right days and hours. All our insiders tips and time schedules for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom!


How to choose your date

It’s quite important to choose a date well, as the long waiting lines and big crowds can spoil the overall impression.

  • The calmest times are from mid-September to mid-November (except for the Halloween period), Mid-January through mid-March (except for President’s Day Weekend) and mid-April to mid-May (except for the Spring Break).

  • Avoid weekends, Fridays and periods of school holidays and bank holidays.

  • If the park has extended opening hours - it usually means bigger crowds, check the opening hours before you go.

  • If your plan is to visit during the federal holiday weekend - be prepared for big crowds, as you won’t be the only person with this idea in mind. Here are the busy days and dates to avoid throughout the year:


  • The first weekend of the year

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend (third Monday of January)


  • President’s Day weekend (third Monday of the month)


  • The last week of March (the Spring Break crowds start arriving in mid-March)


  • Memorial Day Weekend (last Monday of May)


  • From mid-June, avoid weekends (most schools are out for the summer) and especially Saturdays


  • 4th of July Weekend will see the biggest crowds in this month


  • The later in the month - the less crowded it will be


  • Labor Day Weekend (the end of the summer season)


  • Weekends are busy in October during the Halloween season. The annual Fright Fest takes over Discovery Kingdom in October. Try to go early in the month.


  • Veterans Day Weekend

  • The week and especially the weekend of the Thanksgiving Day


  • Two last weeks of the month, particularly Christmas Eve. Crowds are OK for New Year’s Eve.

Tips to avoid crowds

1) Get your tickets before coming to save time and avoid the queue to the ticket offices. Check the official website for ticket options and prices.

2) Arrive early. You can manage to knock out some popular rides before the crowds arrive.

3) Use THE FLASH Pass! That’s a great way of skipping the waiting lines to enter the rides. The Pass will reserve your place when you visit a ride, and you’ll get an alert when it’s your turn. Skip the line and enter at the special entrance. The Pass is available to purchase either online or at the park. We strongly recommend that you buy your pass online before your visit as quantities are limited. You can add up to 5 people to your Pass for a fee at the park.

4) Eat during off-peak hours. Eat meals earlier than usual, or after the lunch rush of 11am-2pm. Same concerns the dinner rush which usually takes place between 6:30 and 8:00pm when the park is open at night. This way, you can go on rides while everyone is eating and avoid lines when you’re ready to eat.

5) Break it up to cut the lines. If you are alone or with others who don’t mind splitting up, head for the single rider lines at popular rides. The wait there is much shorter as ride operators may need a single rider to fill gaps on a ride. That means you can jump ahead of groups and ride on the next train available.

6) Evening time is the best for the kiddie rides. As most families with small children leave early, the lines to attractions for kids are shorter at night. This mostly applies when the park is open until late (in high season).

7) Use the Kid Swap Program if coming with children, too small or to scared to join you on the ride. Just notify the ride attendant upon entering the queue line that you’d like to utilize the Kid Swap. One parent will board the ride while the other one waits with the child behind the exit gate. When the ride is over, you can switch places and the other parent will board the ride while the parent who’s just back from the ride waits with the child.


Tickets at the park

  • General Admission: $67.99
  • Children under 48’’: $47.99
  • Children 2 & under: free

Booking your tickets online will save you a lot of time (you can skip the ticket booth and go right to the gate) and money.


Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
📍 Highway 37 and Fairgrounds Drive
CA 94589

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General Inquiries 1-707-644-4000
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