Ryanair Customer Service

Contact number of Ryanair Customer Service with opening times and when to call the helpline to avoid peak times.

Opening Hours and Estimated Waiting Time of Ryanair

Closed Reopens Wednesday 20/09 at 09:00
Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon
09:00 10:00
10:00 11:00
11:00 17:00
17:00 18:00
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Ryanair Customer Service 0871 246 0000


πŸ“ Ryanair Corporate Head Office Dublin Airport
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  • Hurikat

    Hello Ali, We confirm that this number works and is the official Ryanair number, maybe they had a temporary glitch when you called.

  • Faizan Ali

    This contact number says its not regognised

  • Gjoke marinaj

    Hi I lost my email I booked the ticket to Germany can u please help me

  • Mya Hiolloran

    Trying to get a contact number to discuss table of charges re regular seat booking

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